Excel N Function Tips

Understanding How HYPERLINK Works In Excel

Excel has a built in function to create hyperlinks – named HYPERLINK(). This function is useful when you want the user to be redirected to some other place for example a webpage or a document or some place within the excel sheet. 

Understanding how MS Excel Query Works

“Query” in MS Excel has same meaning as it has in our daily lives. It inquiries from our database and return some results or information

An Introduction To Excel Power Map

Our today’s post is about “Power Map” is by Ben Richardson who runs Acuity Training a London-based provider of Excel courses. 

Using Pivot Charts For Displaying Data

Conventional charts are mostly used for displaying rather “static” data from excel sheets – i.e. if you have a table where you have manually entered data and you want to make a chart, go for the conventional excel chart.

Using “Calculated Items” For Analyzing A Pivot Table

In our last post, we explored how to use calculated fields to get customized fields and perform analysis with them.

Using Pivot Table Calculated Fields

Pivot table are a great way to analyses the data for an excel user. Most of the times, the pivot tables are produced using existing fields (or variables).

Creating Histogram With Analysis Tool Pack

One of the best ways to find how your data is behaving is to plot a histogram. Creating histogram is amongst the firs step we take to analyze the data as it outlines how the data is distributed, details about the skew-ness and kurtosis (described later in this section). 

Performing The Three Dimensional Lookup

Two dimensional lookup is obvious – we have a header row and a column and we want to look at the intersection of the two criteria’s.

Averaging The 5 Lowest Values In Your Data!

Let’s assume you are a math’s teacher interested in finding the average of the math’s score of last five students – he is interested in finding why they are performing poor. How will he proceed? 

How To Find The Quarter Of Year

Accounts finance and marketing people are often concerned with the term “Quarter” in context of their budgeting and marketing assignments. 

Using Substitute Function To Convert Values With Comma To Numbers

We encounter this problem of numbers behaving as text with commas when we import data from some other software in to excel sheet. 

How To VLOOKUP From Tables In Different Sheets In Excel

We often have sheets with similar tables and with similar layout.

Finding if a Number if Prime!

Prime Numbers are numbers that are only divisible by their selves. In this small tutorial we will guide you how to find if a number is prime or not.

Producing Panel Charts In Excel

Data bars are amongst one of the many feature excel has for presenting data.

Using SUMPRODUCT() To Validate Multiple Criteria In Columns

We have studied and used SUMIFS() and SUMPRODUCTS() function with their appropriates use. Just to recall, SUMIFS() work great when our data is in the shape of list or is in column.

Can You Convert A Number Present As String To A Proper Number?

There are times when you bring data from other software to excel sheets and find that some of the numbers are formatted as text

Getting Data From A Pivot Table – Using Getpivotdata()

If you have a large pivot and want to create a report based on that pivot, it is time to revert to a function dedicated for it – GETPIVOTDATA().

Plotting Trajectory Of Projectile

Have you ever thrown a pebble in water? You must have in your childhood! The pebble follows not a straight line but a parabolic path.

Understanding Optimization With Excel 2010

In real life, resources are scarce and wants are unlimited. This fact leads us to optimize our resources to get best out of available resources

Developing And X And R Chart For Quality Control

We do create different type of charts to fulfill our charting needs – quite a few of them are related to quality control purposes.

Finding An Equation That Fits Your Data…

Whenever we have data, we are interested in getting some meaningful insights from it.

Using Moving Averages For Forecasting

Sales people often need to estimate the sales of upcoming months. They do it with a handful of techniques that uses both quantitative analysis as well as qualitative judgment.

Introduction To Slicers In Excel 2010

You must have used filters in Excel! Whether you are using a table or have a list, whenever you have data and want to search for certain information

Understanding Time Format And Operation On Time In Excel 2010

Amongst the various format that number takes, time is the one of the most commonly used formats, after currency and accounting number formats.

Highlights Of The Month In Excel

News this month in Excel...

Extracting Meaningful Information From Raw Data – An Example Of Using Sales Data To Get Meaningful Insights

If you are running a business and wants to see how much do you sale and what is the breakup and effect of each product on your profits, this post is for you!

A Short Tip - How To Insert Symbols Quickly

We often insert symbols in our documents. They vary from person to person and depend a lot on what we are doing.

How To Use MOD() Function To Repeat Values Certain Number Of Time

MOD() function has variety of uses. One of the most basic one is that it is used to find the remainder from a division

How To Calculate Average Absolute Difference For You Data With Negative Value!

A recent question on a website requested for calculating the average of absolute differences for a year-over-data.

How To Sum Every Nth Row In Excel

It is not uncommon that we want to sum data on the basis of certain criteria – on the basis of weeks, months, every tenth day and so on.

How To Plot For The Start And End Point On The Graph

One of the Quora users recently asked a question regarding how to plot lines at the start and the end of a data series.

Calculating Workdays With Different Methods

Networking days are important for both an employee and the employer.

5 Ways To Handle Or Prevent Errors In Excel

To human is err, the same is true for excel. Whenever you are writing a formula, you are prone to commit error.

How To VLOOKUP Data For An Entire Month

Consider a case where you have a table like below and want to fetch the data for a single month.

10 Quick Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts & Mouse Tricks For Marketers

It is possible to copy a pattern of data in a very simple way. The data can be either numbers, text, dates or formatting. 

14 Simple Excel Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

Shortcut to include today Just press control key and semicolon (Ctrl + ;) in any cell, enter. This will enter today’s date in to the cell.

Concat VS. Concatenate VS. Textjoin

The CONCAT, CONCATENATE and TEXTJOIN functions are popular as text combining functions, which have been designed to combine a range of strings that contain parts of text, phrases or numbers.

How To Calculate Weighted Average In Excel

The average value of number of cells or a data range in Excel can easily be calculated using AVERAGE() formula.

How To Use MINIFS Function In Excel

The MINIFS function is an advanced statistical function, which is only available in the latest version of Office (EXCEL 2016, Excel Online and latest mobile excel versions).

Looking Up Number Values

There are five methods you can use to look up number values in excel. These include SUMPRODUCT, SUMIF, AGGREGATE, LOOKUP and a combination of INDEX & MATCH.

Count Values Based on Other Criteria

Counting values in Excel using criteria is common in day to day business. For example; counting the number of failed products, overdue orders, staff in a certain department etc.

How To Use IFS Function In Excel

IFS function is a new function added to Excel and only available in the latest version of Office (EXCEL 2016, Excel Online and latest mobile excel versions).

How To Quickly Delete Blank Rows In Excel

Deleting rows are usually done by two methods as explained below.

How to Insert Cent Symbol In Excel


Some may think it is a very simple thing to insert a Cent symbol (¢) in Excel. It is easy if only you know it.

Using Hyperlink () With Vlookup () To Jump To A Specific Cell

Excel model can be as simple as adding up two values in cell or so complicated to cover multiple sheets or even multiple workbooks

Basic Tax Rate Calculation

MS Excel has been used in many diversified areas; one of them is accounts and finance.

Two Way Lookup With Vlookup

We came across situation we have to look for values both horizontally and vertically.

Retriving Quotation Rates For Two Parties With Excel

When using Excel for Procurement, it is common to use it for making quotations. 

SUMPRODUCT Function In Excel

SUMPRODUCT is yet another function that comes to rescue, whether we want to validate a criteria or want to sum against a list of requirements

Using COUNTIF To Count!

COUNTIF() family of functions is amongst the most frequency used family of functions in Excel.

Converting Text To Numbers In Excel

With Excel, it is not quite a rare case that numbers starts behaving like text. 

Removing Duplicates In Excel

We frequently encounter data while working with lists. It is a common problem caused by human error as well as duplication of data due to common practices – copy and paste procedure for consolidation of data.

Excel Vlookup

One of the most versatile and highly used functions is VLOOKUP. Whenever we have a table and want to quickly retrieve a value, we have to revert to VLOOKUP. Let’s take a quick dive into its use and how we can get maximum out of its use.

Using Index-Match Combination To Ease Up Lookup Process

Most of the time when we are stuck with lookup and return something process, we revert to VLOOKUP() and occasionally HLOOKUP(), according to the situation

More On Printing Options – Making Things More Reading In Excel

In our last post we have discussed various printing options – in this post we will continue with this the same topic and explore few more options that can help manage our printing tasks. 

Excel Functions And Text Functions

Excel has so many functions that either one of their or their combination can fulfill most of the tasks required in our work places.

Printing Excel Sheets

Whenever you come up with a useful sheet, it is almost always essential to get it printed. Be it a simple sheet or complex business model, we can not deny the importance of a hard printed copy – it is always easier to read and record. 

Understanding And Doing Better With SUMIF Function

SUMIF() functions is among the most commonly used functions in excel. Whenever ever we have to sum against a given criteria we revert to this function, be the criteria be only one or more then one (for more then one criteria’s we use SUMIFS(), just another function of this family).

How To Show Changing Performance With Stock Exchange Tickers!

The up and down arrows on stock exchange information board is the life line of trading business.

Using Solver To Find The Most Profitable Mix Of Products

We came across such situation we have multiple choices and we want to find the best possible combination of them, be it spending money on shopping or adopting a route that is shortest or something else.

Excel Training Online

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet. It is used to stire large amount of numerical data, perform numerous calculations, manage and update them.

How To Sum Using Logical Functions - An Example Of Using AND () And OR() In Excel

MS Excel offers seven logical functions, today we will discuss how to use AND () when summing up values.

Understanding Scenario Manager

In Goal Seek, we try to reach a solution to a problem by iterating values.

Excel Training

The world has been growing rapidly over the past few decades. Today modern technology has completely changed our lifestyle and is adding a lot to our daily lives

Using Data Table To Perform Analysis

MS Excel provides us with various tools to analyze the effect of change in variable on final output.

Creating Word Clouds In Excel!

One have seen different types of graphics that display information, ranging from simple charts, to dashboards and miniature charts like spark lines and so on, but one of them that appealed me a lot from artistic point of view is a word cloud.

Get Excel Online Free Training In The Easiest Way

Free things are so satisfying. When we get some service or learning free online, we feel so elated.

Example Vlookup

Many of the learners at Sheetzoom.com are willing to learn VLOOKUP function. It is an amazing and useful tools and learning to use it is much easier than you may think.

Using Wild Cards To Count Last Names – A Quick Tutorial

Whenever we have data, we want to extract meaningful information from it.

How To Learn Excel 2013

Excel 2013 is one of the most demanded skills today and many business owners want their employees to have the complete knowledge and skills of such tools.

How To Learn Ms Excel 2010

Excel is one of the mostly used Microsoft office tools. it is used for storing financial data, employee and student records, calculation, graphs, pivot tables and many more.

A 10 Min Tutorial On How Goal Seek Works

Businesses are all about decision making. If you are working for a firm, whether it is producing goods or providing services, you must have come across situation where you need to do the “What-If” Analysis. One of the most helpful tools in this context is “Goal Seek”. 

Free Training Of Excel To Make Your Life Easier

What the companies are expecting from the employee these days is that they should know everything about Excel ribbons, capability to enter and format data, the complete use of formulas to calculate total and stuff, highlighting the main data, developing reports and charts, formatting data and knowing the details about shortcuts and tricks to enhance the productivity.

Displaying Large Data Sets With Sparkline In Excel

Our paper is designed to accommodate two-dimensional charts, or at best 3 dimensional charts. But those charts are produced at the expense of understandability and appearance of them. What if you want to produce so many to them to accommodate cross-tabbed data?

How To Learn Excel?

Most people start learning a new tool or software when they get some new responsibility or they discover that it is the only way to shine in career.

How To Build In Cell Charts To Display Information

There several ways to create in cell and that includes Excel’s built in Sparklines or using a third party Sparkline Add in, But there are ways to produce bar charts by using Excel without using these feature.

Excel Learn It For Free!

Excel is one of the tools most of us use in our lives. It is almost impossible to tell how many things you can do with Excel.

How To Use Excel?

If you want to learn excel and use it for work, then you should be wondering about the common usage of this extremely innovative and powerful software.

Make Your Charts Easier to Read – 4 Tips

You must have come across charts that are overloaded and you find them a pain to read. Yes these are charts that look quite pretty initially but they are read and interpreted, they become unbearable.

Online Training For Excel

A spreadsheet is a sheet consisting of rows and columns which intersect with each other to form cell. Data are entered in each cell for calculation, storage or manipulation. Excel is collection of electronic spreadsheets

A 3 Step Guide To Make Your First Excel Based Model

There are a lot of resources available for modeling on internet, available from books to tutorial to boot-camp trainings; this one focuses more on the concept of modeling rather then discussing details of any particular field.

How To Learn Excel Sheets?

Excel sheets can surely make your work a lot easier.  Undoubtedly, excel sheets is one of the professional tools for working with information available in raw form.

Generating Random Data In 5 Minutes

When we are developing a model or trying to test some formula, we need data and when we don’t have one, we have to create it to suit our needs. This is frequently called dummy data.

How To Learn Excel Formulas?

What is a formula? Talking generally, a formula is a way to calculate a mathematical equation. It is used to calculate both simple as well as complex equations.

How To Learn Excel For Free?

Lots of people are looking to learn Excel these days. It is one of the most demanded skills in all sorts of businesses, no matter whether they are small or large.

Using New Functions In Excel

To find the Maximum/Minimum Values Specified by a Certain Criteria

How To Learn Excel? Start And Master With These Resources

A spreadsheet is an electronic document formed by the combination of rows and columns marked with a grid. Excel is a matrix and powerful platform and a massive program.

Unique Entries in Userform Dependent Listboxes

The relationship listbox template has been used exactly zero times. One can build their classes from start along with names which actually reflect the objects of the business they are aimed at representing.

Reversing Rows with Power Query Feature In Excel


Power Query allows the execution of several steps in series for the basic purpose of transformation of data present in Excel.

How To Use Excel Pivot Tables For Showing Percent Of Column Total?

The “Show Values As option” can be used for performing several calculations in Excel Pivot tables

COUNTROWS In Excel Power Pivot

Measures is amongst the most important and highly powerful features in Power Pivot. Measures are actually the calculations or formulas you add to the Pivot Table. Below is an example of it.

Using Excel’s TRIM Formula To Clean Data

The TRIM formula introduced by Microsoft Excel allows us to remove all the unwanted spaces that are present within a text, other than any singular spaces in between different words.

Excel Charts And Logarithmic Scales

Graphing collected data makes the interpretation of the accumulated information much easier to read, comprehend, and share with others.

How To Find Text With A Formula

What formula will tell you that a specific cell contains a specific text?

Show The Percent of Row Total With Excel Pivot Tables

Excel has pivot tables that offer different types of calculations. You can start off with it by selecting the ‘Show Values As’ option. Then you can get the calculation of the ‘Percent of Row Total’ as well.

Free Online Training For Excel

Excel is a life saver at work and there is always a free online training for Excel in the internet. At Sheetzoom, we offer free excel training using Excel Online and you can learn by doing. The key to Excel learning is actually solving real problems with Excel.

The Importance Of INDIRECT Function

INDIRECT Function yields a reference to a range. The range being referred can be a named range, a range of cells or can be a cell. 

Using Excel’s Multiple Criteria In VLOOKUP Function

Microsoft Excel’s VLOOKUP function is a popular feature amongst office personnel and data processor positions.

Keyboard Shortcut Metrics

Majority of people working with computer systems love shortcuts on keyboard. Few of the shortcuts which are custom made can help you to clean Undo Stack, which is quite painful.

Convert Text To Numbers In Excel – A Step By Step Tutorial

We often see numbers stored in Excel as text which leads to wrong calculations, especially while using the cells in the functions i.e.

Combine Data With TEXTJOIN

Included in the group of six functions released by Excel 2016 is a very valuable function; TEXTJOIN. 

Show The Percent of Parent Column Total With Excel Pivot Tables

Pivot tables include so many essential calculations in the SHOW VALUES AS option.

Extracting Data With Excel’s LEFT Formula

Left formula? What does it returns? Well, it gives back the first character in a string. The amount of characters is given as an input and result is extracted on basis of that.

MATCH- Excel 2016 Function

The MATCH function of Excel 2016 permits users to select the position of an object in a range instead of selecting the entire actual item

Group Rows And Get Counts Using Power Query

Power Query is a very strong tool available in Excel. It allows you to perform different types of transformations on your data.

INDIRECT Function For Dependent Dropdown Lists In Excel

The INDIRECT function is a powerful function as it allows you to carry out different tasks that come in very handy.

Power Pivot Tables In Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has many powerful functions which are very useful in manipulating data into meaningful information for all kinds of purposes.

How To Set A Default Template In Excel

Do you need to create new workbooks all the time and then making similar changes to all of them? 

Grouping Numbers In Excel With Pivot Table

Grouping of numbers can be done for creating a frequency distribution table in a Pivot Table.

How To Disable Scroll Lock In Excel

You are working on Excel and you need to submit work within an hour.

Displaying Percentages Using Pivot Tables In Microsoft Excel

There are many useful functions for Pivot Tables that are available in Microsoft Excel. 

Conversion Of Date To Text In Excel

Both date as well as time is stored in the form of numbers in Excel. This allows the user to utilize these dates as well as times for the purpose of calculations.

Locking Cells In Excel

In some scenarios, you desire to lock cells so that no changes can be made in the cells by other people in Excel.

Replace Values Using Power Query

Power Quey is a strong command used in Microsoft Excel. It allows you to perform different steps in order to transform the data within your Excel sheets.

How To Use Flash Fill In Excel

Flash fill is one of the features introduced in one of the latest releases Excel 2013.

Transpose Data In Excel Quickly

In case you need to transpose a dataset in Excel, that is, you want to convert the columns into rows and vice versa, it is very hard to do that manually.

How To Create A Pareto Chart Using Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel 2016 introduces a lot of new Charts for us to use in presentations.

Create A Sunburst Chart Using Excel 2016

Excel has recently introduced many new charts in its latest version.

Using RANDBETWEEN For Dates In Microsoft Excel

The RANDBETWEEN function is available for use in Microsoft Excel. The function is used to generate randomized dates between a specified start date and end date.

Creating Linked Tables in Excel Using Power Pivot

Working with Microsoft Excel to produce multiple tables that are linked together is easy.

Display Parent Row Total Percentage Using Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables

Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables have many functions available through the option of Show Values As. One particular calculation can be used to display the Parent Row Total Percentage.

How To Use The MOD Function To Repeat Values

Have you ever used the MOD function in Excel? Well, the function actually performs modulo operation.

How To Extract A URL From A Hyperlink On Excel

Many of the people find it difficult to extract the URLs from the list of text. It is as easy as anything. There are two different ways of doing it.

Microsoft Excel: Using Conditional Formatting To Make Heat Map

A data set’s comparative view can easily be represented visually with the aid of a heat map

New Power Pivot updates in the 2016 version of Microsoft Excel

The Office 365 subscription comes with new Power Pivot updates for the features in the 2016 version of Microsoft Excel.

Use Excel 2016 and Design Your Box and Whisker Chart

Among the numerous new charts available on the new Excel 2016 is the Box and Whisker Chart. This chart was originally created by John Tukey in the 1970s

Using Excel To Create Histogram

In business, several tools are used to analyze data. One of such tools is the histogram. The histogram is a chart, which has chart columns that signify how frequent a variable is present.

Microsoft Excel: How To Make Step Chart

It is possible to apply step chart if you intend to monitor changes that occur at different times. This could include interest rates, tax rate, petrol and milk products.

Excel 2016 And Its Power Pivot Tool

Power Pivot is basically an Excel tool that was first introduced to the public in the year 2010. What exactly is meant by Power Pivot?

Easily Transforming and Shaping Data in Microsoft Excel 2016 Version

Raw data in most cases, are often in a form that is of no major benefits to the users due to the fact that they are messy.

Using Measures Power Pivot

Measures is a very powerful and vital feature in Power Pivot. Measures are fields that have been calculated in the 2013 version of Microsoft Excel and have been included in a Pivot Table.

Top Formulas for Analysts

If you are wondering what the top ten formulas are, then you should really consider acknowledging the fact that there is no standard list of the perfect ten formulas for each individual.

Excel And Big Data

Excel does not only have the ability to handle small data but also very big data as well. Big data can be described as data that has a high variety, high velocity or high volume. High variety entails huge shape of data which changes quickly over a period of time.

Creating a Case Sensitive VLOOKUP

Normally, the VLOOKUP function lookup function is normally not sensitive to case

Use the CLEAN Formula and Clear Excel’s Unprintable Data

The CLEAN formula assists you in erasing and removing all characters that cannot be printed from the text.

How To Use Sparkline

The Sparkline in Excel is a tiny chart, which can be included within the background a cell. This is used to provide visual representation of data, showing the variations, minimum/ maximum values and data trends.

How To Randomize A List In Excel

Suppose you want to randomize a list, for this you have to have a list of random (or shuffled) numbers, which can be used to randomize the list you want.

Use Cluster Values to Generate Sequence Numbers

If you are wondering if it is possible to create sequence numbers from clustered values, then you should definitely consider reading ahead to find out more

Most Popular Excel Shortcuts

Based on surveys, we have compiled a list of the most popular Excel shortcuts you will find.

Five Shortcuts to Keep in Mind

Here you will find some very useful shortcuts that you can use throughout your term of using Excel. Each shortcut has been given for each day of the weekday.

How to Set Up Dashboards

If you are wondering what exactly is a dashboard, then in simple words a dashboard is basically a report of data that allows the manager or a business analyst to gain an overview of what the business is doing and assist them in making the right decisions.

Countif Greater Than

COUNTIF() function is used for counting cells with unique values in a range that meet a certain criterion, or condition.

Remove Spaces in Excel Leading, Trailing, and Double

At first instance, you may wonder why we would need to remove spaces in Excel. If you have unnecessary spaces it may prevent working of some functions, filtering etc.

How to Revert Back to Original Sort

The sorting facility is an important and highly useful feature provided in Excel. Which can be used to handle and retrieve data from large databases.

How to use CONCAT function

The CONCAT function was recently introduced by replacing CONCATANETE function and the CONCAT is only available with the latest version of Office (EXCEL 2016, Excel Online and latest mobile excel versions).

How to Enable Conditional Data Entry in Excel using Data Validation

Sometimes when you are creating worksheets with data inputs, you may want to restrict the data input format (i.e. numbers, decimals, date, text etc.) and their range.

Outline data in Excel

Outlining data is a useful fuanction provided in Excel, which facilitate better organizing of data tables. It will also enable gropuing of simmilar data and collapsing.

How to use MAXIFS function

MAXIFS function is considered to be one of the advanced statistical functions available in Excel.

When to use SWITCH function in Excel

The SWITCH function is a highly useful function which can be used for various applications with conditional splitting logic.

How to use SWITCH function in Excel

The SWITCH function is a highly useful function which can be used for various applications. This is newly introduced to Excel and it is only available in the latest version of Office (EXCEL 2016, Excel Online and latest mobile excel versions).

How to Use Sumif

The SUMIF function is used to conditionally sum values based on a single criteria.

Excel Practice Exercises And Tests

You know the functions and formulas but need to practive your Excel skills? Or do you need Excel Practice Tests online? Well you are at the right place. We have free excel practice tests where you can sharpen your skill. These are not multiple choice questions in fact you learn by doing.


4 Ways to Learn Excel

Excel is best learned by actually doing stuff. You can open the Excel software desktop or online, try writing formulas. 

How to Type Degree Symbol in Excel

You may need type degree symbol for number of uses, for example to show degree values, Celsius, Fahrenheit etc. However, this symbol cannot be directly entered from the key board.

How to Use Counta Function

The COUNTA function is usually used for counting the non-empty cells in a given cell range.

Spell Check in Excel – Where is it and How to Use it

In Excel, spell checker is a tool that used to recognize errors incorrectly-spelled words. Which is highly useful since you don’t have to manually check all the words that you typed in excel.

Count Unique Values in Excel Using COUNTIF Function

COUNTIF() function is used for counting cells with unique values in a range that meet a certain criterion, or condition.

How to use SUMIFS (Multiple Criteria)

The SUMIF function is used to conditionally sum values based on certain criteria. Another version of that function is SUMIFS

How to use COUNTIF greater than

COUNTIF() function is used for counting cells with unique values in a range that meet a certain criterion, or condition.

COUNTIFS Function (multiple criteria)

The COUNTIFS() function is an extended version of the COUNTIF() function which is used to conditionally count items/ cells based on certain criteria. 

How to Count Cells that Contain Text Strings

When you have a large data set with text strings, you may need to find or count data based on their text content. You may know to do this with numerical values, but also know that this can be done to ant cells that contain text strings.

VLOOKUP for Dummies

VLOOKUP stands for Vertical Lookup. Learning vlookup is very easy but let’s first understand how VLOOKUP works?

What's new in Excel 2016 for Windows(Infographic)

Check out the What's new in Excel 2016 for Windows(Infographic) to know about:

Format numbers in Indian Grouping

Format numbers according to the Indian number formatting so that 100,000 displays as 1,00,000

8 Excel 2016 New Functions

This new function allow to add handwritten equations to text, so you can add mathematical equations more easily to excel documents. The sketches of the equations can be made using a mouse or a digital/fingers.

How To Use SUMIF Function (WS)

The SUMIF function is used to conditionally sum values based on a single criteria.  The Syntax of this SUMIF function can be explained as follows:

How to use Vlookup with Exact Match

Vlookup can be considered as one of the most beneficial functions offered in Microsoft Excel, which has become much useful in data analysis and data processing work.

How to Insert Multiple Rows in Excel

Inserting rows in between selected rows, is one of the most necessary and important functions we require when working in excel worksheets.

How to Make a Drop-Down List in Excel

Drop-down list is the ideal option for selecting an item from a list. So that the user does not have to type it and can select from the available list. It also then allows not entering invalid data.

How To Merge Cells In Excel

Merging is a useful function in MS Excel which is used more often to make title/larger cells or also to combine

How to Unhide Columns in Excel

When you have some data columns that you don’t want to display can be hidden from the sheet.

Conditional Formatting in Excel

Conditional Formatting is a widely used tool of Excel that provides pre-determined formatting to be applied to a cell or range of cells. The formatting may depend on the cell value or the content of it

Making the characters uppercase and lowercase

Using UPPER(), LOWER() and PROPER() functions with NESTED IF().

Getting power and logarithm of a number

Using POWER() and LOG() formulas.

Getting the row and column number of a cell

Using ROW() and COLUMN() functions.

Getting real random numbers with RAND() function

Using RAND() function

Getting random numbers

Getting random numbers with RANDBETWEEN() formula.


Using REPT() function.

Finding whether a number is even or not

Using ISEVEN() or ISODD() functions.

Making words proper

Using PROFER() formula.

Finding a character in a text with SEARCH() function

Using SEARCH() formula.

Finding a character in a text with FIND() function

Using FIND() formula.

IFERROR() function

Using IFERROR() function

Operation with IF(), ISTEXT(), ISNUMBER() and ISBLANK() functions

Using IF(), ISTEXT(), ISNUMBER() and ISBLANK() functions.

Operation with nested IF()

Using nested IF().

Operation with COUNTIF() function

Using COUNTIF() function.

Operation with IF(), AND() and OR() formulas

Using IF(), AND() and OR() formulas.

Operation with condition according to the average

Using AVERAGE() and IF() formulas.

Operation with two conditions

Using IF() and AND() formulas.

Sum opeation of wanted cell in a list

Use SUMIF() functions.

Getting the rank of a desired number in a list

Using the RANK() formula on a list.

Finding minimum, maximum and average number in a list and counting the number of cells. 

Using the MIN(), MAX(), COUNT() and AVERAGE() functions on a list