14 Simple Excel Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

14 Simple Excel Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

1- Shortcut to include today

Just press control key and semicolon (Ctrl + ;) in any cell, enter. This will enter today’s date in to the cell.


2- Insert a comment

Select the cell that you want to highlight and then press Shift + F2


3- Show Go To window

Press F5 key


4- Quickly include the Outside borders  to a cell

Press Ctrl + Shift + & simultaneously


5- Underline

Press Ctrl + U to underline cell content.


6- Bold Cell

Press Ctrl + B to bold cell content.


7- Copy Cell

Press Ctrl + C to copy cell content.


8- Cut Cell

Press Ctrl + X to cut cell content.


9- Paste Cell

Press Ctrl + V to paste the copied content.


10- Undo Format Cells

Press Ctrl + Z to undo format cells.


11- Save Workbook

Press Ctrl + S to save the workbook.


12- Open Print Dialog Box

Press Ctrl + P to copy open print dialog box.


13- Quick Spelling Check

Press F7 to quickly open Spelling check on the entire work sheet. If only a certain cells are selected, then it would only check the selected cells.


14- Edit the active cell

Select a cell and press F2, This will allow to edit the cell and position the insertion point or cursor at the end of cell content.