Free Training Of Excel To Make Your Life Easier

Free Training Of Excel To Make Your Life Easier

What the companies are expecting from the employee these days is that they should know everything about Excel ribbons, capability to enter and format data, the complete use of formulas to calculate total and stuff, highlighting the main data, developing reports and charts, formatting data and knowing the details about shortcuts and tricks to enhance the productivity. Because it has become so important to know Microsoft Excel, people have opted for free online tutorials and guides to make it easier. We, at, offer a great deal about excel in detail which is ideal for beginners as well as people who are experts in that.


Microsoft Excel is a huge application that has more than 1000s features and more than 100s ribbon commands. After entering excel, it is very easy to get lost in it if you do have complete knowledge about it. So, in order to survive working on excel, the best option is going through our website

Improve your excel with these excel courses


All About Pivots

Building Models

Error Handling

Some of the things that are mandatory to be studied are explained in our tutorials such as:


  • Quick access toolbar: The 3 most important tools to be aware about are the 3 icons save, undo and redo.

  • Ribbons: Ribbon is nothing just a detailed and expanded menu bar. It is a well know fact that excel has 1000s features and the most important ribbons from these are home, data, insert, page layout and formulas.

  • Formula bar: All kinds of calculations and formulas appear here. Once you start using formulas, you will understand how important they are.

  • Spreadsheet grid: All kinds of data, drawings and chart appear here. 

  • Status bar: At any point during the working on an Excel, you will know what is going on with the help of status bar.


Why knowing about excel these days is important because it enormously helps you in making reports and calculations. It makes work easier for anyone in any field. Our website,, will convert you from a beginner to a master in it in no time. Go through the tutorials and once you are done, your skills will always be in demand in the workplace. This is because anyone with great Excel skills is always welcomed everywhere. We highly recommend you to go through our guides and online tutorials that have been offered for free. Since, the course is completely online it makes it comfortable for you to learn anywhere at your convenience. We provide more than 24 hours of training data in the form of videos also and that can be easily downloaded. So, we wish you good luck and hope you can study the tutorials and become an Excel savvy in no time.