How To Learn Excel For Free?

How To Learn Excel For Free

To learn Excel can be an expensive business. Free online courses at high quality are rare. Training in general – whilst essential –can make a significant dent in budgets. Lots of people are looking to learn Excel these days. It is one of the most demanded skills in any businesses, regardless of size or sector. Having expertise in Excel will surely give you an edge over other candidates for many jobs. No matter where you work or what you do, dealing with data will come up sooner or later. That’s where Excel steps up as the go-to tool for information and data management. It can and will make your life easier and more efficient.


Why Excel?


Before starting to learn Excel, you first need to know why you want to learn it. It’s not enough to just want to be part of the crowd. Instead, think of the reason this knowledge will help make you unique. It helps to have a specific project in mind to focus your goals, but even if you don’t have one, remember: learning and training makes you a stronger candidate. If you are invested, you will learn it quickly.  


Learn by doing with these excel lessons:

- Building Models
- Reporting
- Master Lookup Functions
- Master Date Functions


Excel training is available at different levels. Excel itself provides tutorials that can help you get started. It’s effective for introducing the basics and helping you understand the way Excel looks and common terminology. You can learn where functions are and the basics of use. However, these tutorials are limited in scope and won’t show you how to solve problems or achieve in-depth tasks with Excel. If you want to get creative, you need to put in the work and seek some professional guidance.


There are training courses you can attend that help you learn face-to-face with a teacher. These will be effective, but come with problems; you must travel to attend them, you are limited to learning the tools in scope of the course, and such training courses are very expensive. You might buy a book or disc-based course from a shop, but these suffer from a linear training method and rarely focus on actual tasks, instead just teaching you about individual functions.


The best solution to all these problems is Sheetzoom can help you learn Excel efficiently and quickly. Best of all, it’s completely free. The program is designed by users of Excel for other users of Excel. It’s written to suit the needs of people and thus will take you from the very beginning. The tutorials will help you learn the smart ways to tackle different challenges and problems you will face while using Excel. Practical implementation and knowledge will take you one step ahead and you will learn and understand it in an applicable way.

So, visit today and see the best Excel training programs and tutorials the internet has to offer.