How To Learn Excel? Start And Master With These Resources

How To Learn Excel? Start And Master With These Resources

A spreadsheet is an electronic document formed by the combination of rows and columns marked with a grid. An Excel spreadsheet is generally used for calculation, storage of financial data, medical records, student and employee records, graphs, pivot tables and also for a macro programming language called Visual Basic. Above all, Excel is known to store data in the form of database. Excel is one of the most used tools in business with its desktop and online versions. Using Excel is a must in today’s business life so is learning Excel.


How To Use Excel

An Excel spreadsheet works on formula, if you are to use it for calculations. These equations help to perform calculations in such a way that we get desired results. The equations are input in a formula bar, which you can find right below the tools bar. It is obvious that it takes a lot of time to master Excel. But with a regular use, you will soon be a pro. 

For using an Excel spreadsheet for calculation, you can easily get it done with the formula tab. Click on the cell you want to work on and click the formula tab and choose the formula you want to use. Always put an equal to (=) sign before performing any type of calculation. The Excel has an in – built function i.e. it inserts the formula for you and opens a dialog box ‘Function Arguments’. Likewise, there are many built-in functions like SUM, PRODUCT, COUNTIF, etc.
How To Learn Excel Sheet?

Excelling in Excel Sheet is a long way to go. You can either learn it on your own or take some tutorial classes. Learning Excel on your own gives you an advantage of taking the course on your own pace and time. But it takes a real lot of time. So it is recommended that you take tutorial classes in person or online.
Since we are always looking for cost efficient products and courses, a question always arises in every learner’s mind ‘Is there a possibility of Excel free learning? If yes then, How can I learn excel for free?’ There are two main ways: online and offline. Some online tutorials offer you the course after you pay some amount. And there are many tutorials that tutor you free of cost. Moreover, easily downloadable offline courses are also available in the internet. You can choose the course that is convenient, efficient and just fit for you.
How To Learn Excel For Free Online

Well, the first thing you need to have to learn excel online free is – a good internet connection. Learning becomes inefficient with an interrupting internet connection. So make sure that you can learn in a pace and speed that would not be annoyed by your internet connection (Well, nobody feels like learning online with a connection that makes you wait 5-10 minutes or even more. I know I get annoyed. There’s no doubt in your case too.). 

For your convenience, here are some resources for helping you to learn Excel for free online.


Start And Master With These Resources

1. Microsoft’s Excel Learning Center

This is one of the most reliable resources for learning Excel online and for free. Microsoft’s training center has a good collection of free materials: tutorials, guides and videos for Windows PC, Windows phone, Mac OS, iOS and Android.


2. Sheetzoom  

Unlike others, Sheetzoom teaches you Excel not by watching but by doing. Produced by Advancity, Sheetzoom lets you to be in the front line during the learning. This unique and effective way of teaching makes it to stand out in the crowd of online resources. It engages its learners through internet optimized teaching system.

3. Edx Excel Courses

Learning Excel in Edx is like learning with professionals. The courses are free and much similar to the ones that are taught in Harvard, MIT and many other top universities of the United States. Moreover, you can get certified after the completion of the course in around $49.

4. Excel Exposure

This site received 2016 Microsoft MVP Award for Excel. This ultimately adds up on how good the site is for learning Excel for free and online. The lesson guides are helpful for making a thorough plan for learning from the beginning till the end. There are categorized video lessons and planned lessons to make your learning more fun and easier.

5.’s spreadsheets page

Though you might be much familiar with, you might not have known about its own sub domain that works on Spreadsheets. You will be updates with fresh topics and tutorials on a regular basis.

6. GCF

There are over 125 courses offered by Goodwill Community Foundation that are completely free. Whilst you are learning Excel with GCF, you get to choose over all the versions of Microsoft i.e. from Excel XP to Excel 2016. 


Do you ever feel like you would want to discuss over a certain topic that’s troubling you on an individual basis? Well, this website helps you in that. Its interactive message board lets you to be in touch with the experts. 


With the motto of making you awesome in Excel and charting, has built a community for passion, fun and awesome learning of Excel. The blog has over 450 tutorials and videos on Excel and charting. Moreover, for people who aren’t native to English language will find this site a great place to learn.  

9. Youtube

The ultimate place for learning anything with the help of audio and visuals is YouTube. All the videos are completely free. Meanwhile, YouTube has given a facility to its users to save some videos for offline in cell phones. That will help you learn even when you don’t have an internet connection.

10. HubSpot

If you want to excel in Excel with step-by-step instructions, then HubSpot is a good spot. With videos followed by test questions, learning Excel is going to be more effective. That is, you are getting quality in no amount of cash. 


How to learn Microsoft Excel

For learning Microsoft Excel, you can either look for offline courses or the online ones. Some online courses want you to pay for taking the course while some are completely free. For learning Microsoft Excel completely free and online, you can check out the aforementioned resources. I hope they will surely help you to learn. Keep learning!