Online Training For Excel

Online Training For Excel

What is Excel?

If you use numbers or manage information, you need to know how to use Excel. Excel is a software tool for managing workbooks or worksheets (aka spreadsheets). To learn that, before any training is undertaken, you need to know some basics. Let’s start from the ground up.


A grid with a purpose

A spreadsheet is a grid with an almost unlimited number of squares in it. Each square is referred to as a Cell. These cells are organised in Columns and Rows. Each column is assigned a letter and each row a number. As a result, each cell has a unique reference name based on which column and row it sits in. For example, cell D4 is in the fourth column across (column D) and the fourth row down (column 4).


At its most basic, a spreadsheet can be used to cross-reference information. Usually, this is done by using each row to record an instance of something, and each column to hold different information about those things. For example, a school might use a spreadsheet to list out its pupils. Each row will be used for a pupil, and each column will house a different piece of information such as name, age, and which class they are in.


Working with workbooks

Excel files are what are called Workbooks. A workbook is simply a collection of spreadsheets (Excel calls these Worksheets) held alongside one another. These are sometimes referred to as Tabs because they are displayed along the bottom of the screen and look much like tabs in a web browser.


By storing data this way, Excel can compare information both within a worksheet and across multiple worksheets, enabling statistics and reports to be generated without needing to manual count or sum up numbers. In the example above, it might list both staff and pupils on different sheets. With that information, it could tell you how many pupils there are per teacher in the school, which teacher’s pupils score the highest, or how many school dinners are required on a given day.


The potential uses for Excel are almost unlimited. The vast amount of information and data it can process makes information management far easier than in the past. Because of this, it is used in all areas of business, all over the world. Needless to say, no matter what kind of job you might be doing, knowledge of Excel is a virtual must-have.


How do I access Excel training?

There are many resources to help you excel at Excel! There are hundreds of text books written on Excel and many websites on the Internet. Come, let's get familiar with some info related to online training for Excel.


Some example lessons to start you off:

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