Use the CLEAN Formula and Clear Excel’s Unprintable Data

Use the CLEAN Formula

What does the CLEAN formula do?

The CLEAN formula assists you in erasing and removing all characters that cannot be printed from the text. CLEAN(text) is the formula break down and basically means to remove unprintable text. It just so happens that sometimes when you import data and information from other applications, the data brings along a few unprintable pieces of data that are of no use to you. This is where the CLEAN formula steps in to do the job and remove those unwanted characters without a lot of hassle. If you would like to learn how to use the CLEAN tool, then you should consider reading ahead and find out.

Step #1: Enter the Required Function

First of all, you will need to enter the function that you would like to run, which is “=CLEAN”. Enter this in the box and move on to the next step.


Step #2: Identify the Unwanted Cell

Next, you will need to identify the cells from which you would like to remove the unnecessary pieces of information or characters. Once you have selected the cell that you would like to clean up, place the cell’s location in the formula and the unprintable character will be transformed into its value in a form that we humans can interpret.





Step #3: Repeat the Process

You will need to repeat the process given above for all those cells that have unprintable characters in them, so that the Excel tool can clean up those characters within a matter of seconds making the information easy to comprehend and make it printable as well.

By following the above given steps, you will be able to use the CLEAN tool without having to face a lot of difficulties along the way and will be able to change the unprintable characters within a matter of seconds.