How To Learn Ms Excel 2010

How To Learn Ms Excel 2010

Excel is one of the mostly used Microsoft office tools. it is used for storing financial data, employee and student records, calculation, graphs, pivot tables and many more. It is a must to learn Excel these days. It provides a convenient way to manage large volumes of data electronically. So almost every field in today's market use this tool.


Excel 2010 is simply an advanced form of Excel 2007 version. If you have good knowledge of the functioning of Excel 2007 tgen you will not have much trouble using Excel 2010.


To learn Excel 2010, you can either learn from various offline or online sources. Some may require you to pay while most of them are free. All you need for a free online Excel 2010 course ia uninterruptible internet connection. If you already have it, then here is one of the most reliable sources to help you learn Excel 2010: is a reliable source where you can learn Excel 2010 online for free. It uses internet optimized teaching system to keep the learners in the front line to make the teaching and learning process more efficient and effective. Instead of teaching the learners through videos, this site teaches you about Excel 2010 in a different approach i.e. by doing. It uses actual Excel software to teach the learners about the operations of Excel 2010. The actual formulae are used to make the learning more realistic. Overall, it is fun, easy and a quick way to learn.


In, you can learn through step by step procedure. Your every step is checked thoroughly and you receive feedback in the same spreadsheet at that very instant. Such use of unique mechanism makes the boring lessons interesting so that the learners get more engaged and learn quickly.


Advancity, a multinational company, is the producer of Tge headquarter lies in Istanbul, Turkey whereas the branches are established in various regions of India and the USA as well.  The company has revolutionized the way we learn Ms Office tools. When we only learnt using Ms Excel by written texts and how to videos, Advancity, through its has modernized the overall e-learning process.


So, if you want to learn Ms Excel 2010 with fun, is the perfect platform. Simply log on to and start learning Ms Excel 2010 (you don't even have to download Excel 2010). Have fun and learn!