Excel Tips and Tutorials

Excel Charts And Logarithmic Scales

Graphing collected data makes the interpretation of the accumulated information much easier to read, comprehend, and share with others.

How To Find Text With A Formula

What formula will tell you that a specific cell contains a specific text?

Show The Percent of Row Total With Excel Pivot Tables

Excel has pivot tables that offer different types of calculations. You can start off with it by selecting the ‘Show Values As’ option. Then you can get the calculation of the ‘Percent of Row Total’ as well.

Free Online Training For Excel

Excel is a life saver at work and there is always a free online training for Excel in the internet. At Sheetzoom, we offer free excel training using Excel Online and you can learn by doing. The key to Excel learning is actually solving real problems with Excel.

The Importance Of INDIRECT Function

INDIRECT Function yields a reference to a range. The range being referred can be a named range, a range of cells or can be a cell. 

Using Excel’s Multiple Criteria In VLOOKUP Function

Microsoft Excel’s VLOOKUP function is a popular feature amongst office personnel and data processor positions.

Keyboard Shortcut Metrics

Majority of people working with computer systems love shortcuts on keyboard. Few of the shortcuts which are custom made can help you to clean Undo Stack, which is quite painful.

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