Excel Tips and Tutorials

Locking Cells In Excel

In some scenarios, you desire to lock cells so that no changes can be made in the cells by other people in Excel.

Replace Values Using Power Query

Power Quey is a strong command used in Microsoft Excel. It allows you to perform different steps in order to transform the data within your Excel sheets.

How To Use Flash Fill In Excel

Flash fill is one of the features introduced in one of the latest releases Excel 2013.

Transpose Data In Excel Quickly

In case you need to transpose a dataset in Excel, that is, you want to convert the columns into rows and vice versa, it is very hard to do that manually.

How To Create A Pareto Chart Using Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel 2016 introduces a lot of new Charts for us to use in presentations.

Create A Sunburst Chart Using Excel 2016

Excel has recently introduced many new charts in its latest version.

Using RANDBETWEEN For Dates In Microsoft Excel

The RANDBETWEEN function is available for use in Microsoft Excel. The function is used to generate randomized dates between a specified start date and end date.

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