Excel Tips and Tutorials

How To Use Excel?

If you want to learn excel and use it for work, then you should be wondering about the common usage of this extremely innovative and powerful software.

Make Your Charts Easier to Read – 4 Tips

You must have come across charts that are overloaded and you find them a pain to read. Yes these are charts that look quite pretty initially but they are read and interpreted, they become unbearable.

Online Training For Excel

A spreadsheet is a sheet consisting of rows and columns which intersect with each other to form cell. Data are entered in each cell for calculation, storage or manipulation. Excel is collection of electronic spreadsheets

A 3 Step Guide To Make Your First Excel Based Model

There are a lot of resources available for modeling on internet, available from books to tutorial to boot-camp trainings; this one focuses more on the concept of modeling rather then discussing details of any particular field.

How To Learn Excel Sheets?

Excel sheets can surely make your work a lot easier.  Undoubtedly, excel sheets is one of the professional tools for working with information available in raw form.

Generating Random Data In 5 Minutes

When we are developing a model or trying to test some formula, we need data and when we don’t have one, we have to create it to suit our needs. This is frequently called dummy data.

How To Learn Excel Formulas?

What is a formula? Talking generally, a formula is a way to calculate a mathematical equation. It is used to calculate both simple as well as complex equations.

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