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How To Sum Every Nth Row In Excel

It is not uncommon that we want to sum data on the basis of certain criteria – on the basis of weeks, months, every tenth day and so on.

How To Plot For The Start And End Point On The Graph

One of the Quora users recently asked a question regarding how to plot lines at the start and the end of a data series.

Calculating Workdays With Different Methods

Networking days are important for both an employee and the employer.

5 Ways To Handle Or Prevent Errors In Excel

To human is err, the same is true for excel. Whenever you are writing a formula, you are prone to commit error.

How To VLOOKUP Data For An Entire Month

Consider a case where you have a table like below and want to fetch the data for a single month.

10 Quick Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts & Mouse Tricks For Marketers

It is possible to copy a pattern of data in a very simple way. The data can be either numbers, text, dates or formatting. 

14 Simple Excel Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

Shortcut to include today Just press control key and semicolon (Ctrl + ;) in any cell, enter. This will enter today’s date in to the cell.

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