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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I use the system for?

Currently all packages are for one year. At the end of the period you will be notified and you can renew if you need to. We will not renew automatically

Do I need to have an Microsoft Excel license?

No and Yes. If you want to use the online version of Excel, you don’t need a license and you don’t need a Microsoft account. If you want to use the desktop version, YES, you need to have Microsoft 2016 licensed.

Do you offer discounts for multiple accounts

Yes, we do offer discounts for access to multiple accounts. Please contact us with the number of accounts you need

Do you offer corporate or educational licenses

Yes, we do offer discounts for corporate and educational licenses for schools and universities. Please contact us with the number of accounts you need

Can I offer your courses to my clients?

Sure you can. Just tell us about your project, and we will be more than happy to cooperate with you and win together.

What happens if I am stuck and need to ask a question?

Just drop us a line, our instructors will do their best to answer your questions

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, we can issue a Sheetzoom certificate upon request.

Can I use a MAC?

Yes, as long as you the exercises from your browser through Excel Online, it is MAC friendly